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D-Tag Worksheet

If you participated in our online sessions during the Coronavirus Covid-19 school shut down, you can download the D-tag worksheet by clicking on the link below:

D-Tag Worksheet

Classroom Activity Sheets

Research Papers

Read more about the studies on our Southern Resident Killer Whales and their Environment.

Linking Killer Whale Survivial and Prey Abundance

Food limitation in the oceans’ apex predator?

Species and Stock Identification of Prey

consumed by endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales in their summer range- 2010 Hanson et al.

Prey selection and food sharing by fish-eating ‘resident’ killer whales

(Orcinus orca) in British-Columbia-2005 Ford and Ellis

TOXINS: Persistent organic pollutants in chinook salmon

(Oncorhynchus tshawytschea): implications for resident killer whales of British Columbia and adjacent waters- 2009 Cullen et al.

Vessel Traffic Disrupts the foraging behavior

of Southern Resident Killer Whales- 2009 Lusseau/Bain

Effects of vessels on whale behavior

on individual Southern Resident Killer Whales- 2006 Lusseau/Bain

Sound Exposure and SKRW

Sound Exposure and Southern Resident Killer Whales- 2008 Holt

Recovery Plans

These comprehensive documents outline the respective recovery programs and the issues involving the Southern Resident Killer Whales

Endangered Species Recovery Plan

Endangered Species Recovery Plan- United States

Species At Risk

Species at Risk Recovery Program- Canada

Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery Overview

SRKW endangered species bulletin Summer 2009

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