Kids Making a Difference Now


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KMAD: Kids Making a Difference Now

Kids Making a Difference Now, or KMAD, is  the information classrooms report back to us after a presentation by Killer Whale Tales. Kids go home with KMAD worksheets containing information about how they can make changes in their own homes to create a positive difference for the Southern Resident killer whale population.


With Killer Whale Tales’ Kids Making a Difference Now! conservation activities:

students from


Participated in our program


2,446 of 3,548 students returned their KMAD worksheets.

Of the remaining 37%, 8% were Kindergartners, who are not required to complete KMAD worksheets.

Excessive Water and Power usage negatively affect Orca habitat

Below are the KMAD conservation statistics from the 2018 – 2019 school year.

Unused Devices and lights

lowered thermostat per student

inches lower bathwater

Seconds less running water

Minutes less per student

Conserving an estimated 36,211 gallons of water

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