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Note from Jeff:

I have an updated version of the drone game, created in collaboration with our friends at SR3.  I have a new twist on an old classic game, as our Fish and Chips game now has data from the winter and outer coast.  I have even streamlined the at-home conservation activity, with a new and improved form and implemented a new tracking system that will get your student’s results back to you faster, including the cards. Rumors also are circulating that there is a poop game in the works, as well.


I know it’s been a crazy few years and that the future is kind of the undiscovered country regarding Covid, but I am ready to schedule a visit (or 2, or up to 5) whether those are in person, online or hybrid.  I am also going to be a “scientist-in-residence” at a local MS here in Seattle (how cool is that?), so basically, anything is possible.

KMAD Statistics

Kids Making a Difference Now, or KMAD, is the information classrooms report back to us after a presentation by Killer Whale Tales. 

Unused Devices and lights

lowered thermostat per student

Seconds less running water


Killer Whale Tales is a 501 (c) 3 environmental education program that uses storytelling and field based science to inspire students to take an active role in the conservation of Southern Resident Killer Whales and their habitat.


Killer Whale Tales inspires lifelong environmental stewardship for tens of thousands of students across the Pacific Northwest.

Photo by Jeff Hogan

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KWTales Deep Dive: Remote Learning

Join us for an hour long activity and find out what the world is like for a Southern Resident killer whale. Open to the public and based on our in class curriculum.  Checkout the offerings and time by clicking register below. Free.

(55mins/3rd-6th grade, 25 participants per session)

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