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Registration for the 2018-2019 school year: Now Open!

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Below is the e-mail we sent to our participating schools.  Check it out for a full overview of this years Killer Whale Tales offerings.  

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Registration now open for 2018-2019

Welcome back to school!

As I am sure you have heard, it has been an incredibly difficult summer for our Southern Resident killer whales.  Whether it is the ongoing saga of J50 and her struggle to survive, J35 tragically carrying around her dead calf for 19 days or the efforts of the Governor’s state task force; the whales are all over the news.  I am sure your students will have lots of questions and ideas, but most importantly they are going to want to know what they can do to help.

As a someone who has worked with KWTales before you know what your students can do and what we can all do together.

So Jeff, what is new?

As always, the 2018-19 KWT program, is expanded and completely updated.  In addition to upgrading the program with new/updated games, I have also added some new conservation activities for the “Kids Making a Difference Now!” portion of the program.  Our “Deep Dive” program, available after we visit your class, is up and running and I am excited to offer your class the opportunity to expand the KWTales program by joining us virtually on select Friday mornings.

We will even have all new orca cards sometime soon, too!

So Jeff, how do we register?

To register, simply reply to this email.

If you have worked with us in the past, and your contact/school information has remained the same, we can just book a date and go from there.  If you are new to KWTales, download our Registration Packet, fill out the registration form and return it to our office to begin the scheduling process.

So Jeff, we obviously have a lot to do…

We do, indeed.  Let’s fire up the #Pod Squad (cause I’m old, but so hip) and get your students once again informed, engaged and empowered as we roll up our sleeves even higher. (Yes, I know. We are almost to the point that we are wearing tank tops, but what else can I say?)

See you soon,


Executive Director
Killer Whale Tales




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