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Registration for the 2014-2015 school year: Now Open!

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Below is the e-mail we sent to our participating schools.  Check it out for a full overview of this years Killer Whale Tales offerings.  

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Welcome back to school, I hope your summer was relaxing, exciting, or whatever you needed it to be.

I am proud to announce that Killer Whale Tales is open for registration for the 2014-15!

This time, in addition to updating our storytelling with recent scientific findings, facts and photos, we will be offering an updated breakout session (which is, of course is EALR and STEM supported) based on the work of Marla Holt at NOAA Fisheries.  (Click here for more info on her work).  In this break-out session students will be analyzing, graphing and exploring actual dive data of K-33, a young sub-adult killer whale.  We will be using scientific method to explore the world of the Southern Resident Killer Whales, this time from their actual point of view.  We will listen to calls made by K-33 while he hunts, be there when he makes a kill, and scoop the scraps left over from his meal!

In addition to our typical offerings, I will also be looking for a handful of classrooms willing to volunteer to be citizen scientist in an important project:

  • For  our acoustic citizen scientist activity, we will be looking for classes that would be willing to listen to, record and notify us when the whales are on the regions hydrophones.  This activity can be catered to your classroom schedule, but basically we need classes that have internet connection and computer speakers to register to listen to these live hydrophones during a specified time, i.e. once a day for 15 minutes, one day a week, etc.  We will want participants to note what they are hearing and be willing to share those results with other classes also participating in this activity.  The schedule is up to you, and though you may not always hear whales, your students will be actively participating in real research!  Please contact us for more information.

Also if your school currently has 40% or more of your schools students qualifying for free/reduced lunch, and can do one of the above activities, you can qualify for an all expense paid trip to the Seattle AquariumPlease contact us for the specifics!

That about covers it.  I appreciate your time and attention.  So, send us an e-mail and let’s get you registered, because we would love to work with you again!

See you soon,



PS- a recent study states that folks only read the subject line, first sentence and “PS” portion of the e-mail.  So if that is you, as it is with me, please contact me to bring KWTales back to your class for another educational and entertaining look at the regions orcas.  Or, click here for a registration packet.






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