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Olalla students recruited to protect orca whales by The Kitsap Sun

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By Chris Henry/Kitsap Sun

Posted November 3, 2012 at 5 p.m.

OLALLA — There’s a lot to be learned from whale poop.

Students at Olalla Elementary were fascinated, not grossed out, when Jeff Hogan told them Thursday that analyzing excrement from orca whales helps scientists learn what they’re eating, who’s related to who, who is pregnant and whether the animals are “stressed out.”

Hogan is an educator from West Seattle who spends his summers aboard whale research vessels, studying the life and habits of Puget Sound’s resident orcas. During the school year he brings what he’s learned into classrooms in Western Washington and beyond.

Hogan is the founder of Killer Whale Tales, a nonprofit organization enlisting young recruits in the fight for orca whale protection. He reaches an average of 10,000 students per year with the message that each child’s family can help whales by reducing their “footprint” on the environment. Other Kitsap County schools Hogan visits include Poulsbo Elementary and Sakai Intermediate School on Bainbridge Island. Several Bremerton schools just signed up this year.

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