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Olalla Elementary School students hear a whale of a tale

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Port Orchard Independent Reporter
NOVEMBER 8, 2012 · 3:20 PM

Jeff Hogan has a way with words and whales. He instructed and entertained fifth- and sixth-grade students at Olalla Elementary School with stories and research on local orca whales on Nov. 1.

Hogan is the founder and executive director at Killer Whale Tales. He spends the summers tracking and tagging orcas in order to learn more about their lifestyles and behavior.

When September rolls around, however, his real mission starts as he begins traveling from school to school, sharing his love of whales.

Hogan’s own excitement is mirrored in the roomful of students, who sit focused on the man up front. When Hogan asks the kids, “Who wants more data?” three long tables of hands shoot into the air.

Hogan said teachers have told him, “It’s like going on a field trip but we don’t have to leave or pay for the bus.”


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