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National Marine Fisheries does a KWT write-up!

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“Kids Making a Difference Now” program with Killer Whale Tales inspires stewardship actions at home and in the community

Fall 2012

Close your eyes and imagine navigating the deep dark waters of Puget Sound as a young killer whale, guided by the calls of your family. Thousands of elementary students will hear this unusual request when they head back to school this fall. Through the eyes of a young whale from the endangered population that frequents Puget Sound, students will experience how killer whales feed, communicate with other whales, and travel the waterways they call home. Jeff Hogan, the force behind the interactive Killer Whale Tales program, has been introducing life as a killer whale to inquisitive students since 2000.

When the students open their eyes, they ask questions that allow them to make connections between the whales and their everyday lives. Through storytelling, students learn about the whales’ strong family ties and the threats they face. The mystery of these animals is further revealed as the kids ask an expert on killer whales questions about anything from whale belly buttons to why researchers collect their poop.

Read the rest of the story by clicking here.

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