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KWT is again participating in the D-tag project!

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K-33 "carrying" a D-tag behind his saddle patch

Taken under NOAA Permit # 16163


For the third summer in a row our Executive Director and Founder is working with NOAA Fisheries and Cascadia Research on their D-tag project.

From the Cascadia web page:

Cascadia Research is collaborating with researchers from the NOAA Fisheries Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC) on a study using digital acoustic recording tags (DTAGs) to examine sound exposure, sound use and behavior.

Several risk factors were identified as part of the ESA listing process for Southern Resident killer whales (SRKWs), and were included in the recovery plan. These include prey quality and quantity, water pollution and environmental contaminants, vessel effects and sound exposure, and cumulative effects. A number of scientific studies conducted over the past several years have investigated foraging and dive behavior, behavioral responses to vessels and anthropogenic noise exposure in Southern Residents. All of these studies have provided important scientific information that has helped guide recovery efforts and other management decisions of endangered SR killer whales.

In particular, a need to accurately measure sound levels received by the whales was first identified at the SRKW research planning workshop in 2004. Specifically, it was noted that a recently developed instrument called the DTAG could provide this type of data and that there is no other approach to accurately characterize received sound levels. The DTAG was developed by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution specifically to monitor the behavior of marine mammals, and their response to sound, continuously throughout the dive cycle

To read the entire article visit the Cascadia Research website by clicking here.


This project is the basis for our latest in-class activity session!


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