Sunday, January 26, 2020

Our Success Stories

Teacher Feedback:

Thank you once more for the excellence of your work with Killer Whale Tales.   This morning we made a chart about how many minutes each kid cut off their second shower time, and added up our results.   They were blown away at how many minutes we had cut off (37) as a class and only about 1/3 of the kids had brought in their paper work.     They immediately wanted to know what would happen if the whole school cut 37 minutes of water usage a day.   One of the boys talked about getting a Stewardship award for helping to clean up trash.  He said it didn’t make a big bunch of difference to the whole earth, but it made a big difference to one spot!   We talked about stewardship  and what that was, and they want to give awards to people in our school who are good stewards of the earth.    So they are bursting with ideas for how we can help our whales.    They have suddenly become “ours.”   Good work Jeff!

Diane H.  Parkwood Elementary